Ask any Internet Security Expert and they will tell you that the Internet is a landscape plagued with danger such as Worms, Trojans and exploits that often catch the unwary and cause great harm. Not to mention the intentional hacker who sets out to compromise your system and profit from your loss.

Virus protection and Firewalls are all part of protecting yourself online and are a basic necessity. To complete this layer of defence, our networks are protected by the industry leading Sourcefire Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS / IPS).

Sourcefire is a signature based system that identifies malicious activity at a packet level and acts to protect your systems based upon our pre-defined rule sets. We monitor over 1.5 Million connections daily and apply IPS rules, blocking malicious users and activity.

Common attacks and exploits.

Worm and Trojan Signatures.
These are known exploits that exist for many applications such as Joomla, xcart, unpatched SQL Servers and more.

Brute Force and SQL Injection
Multiple failed logons indicate brute force attacks. These attacks can be directed at FTP servers, SSH Servers, Mail Servers, Windows File Shares, SQL Servers.

Information Gathering.
Port scanning and network sweeps can indicate a malicious user attempting to gather information about a network. There are known applications that will be blocked, along with custom defined rules that further protect your service.