Internet Radio Hosting

Our audio streaming services are designed for both personal and commercial use. Even though today many well-established radio stations rely on Internet broadcasting services, individuals who are looking to start their own radio stations can also do the same.

For our commercial clients, we have designed and built our network from the ground up, specifically for streaming. We own and operate all aspects of the services we provide, so there are no middle men involved. Need to stream on a global scale? No problem, we offer streaming out of data centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Japan, USA and Europe. Contact us with your requirements for a custom quote.

If you don’t already have a radio station, to own one all you need is an encoder (can be a PC or MAC), a stable Internet connection and the songs which you would like to share with your listeners. If you already have the above, sign up for a free trial and start streaming today.

What is Internet Radio Hosting?

Internet Radio Hosting is a streaming technology designed to deliver audio through the internet to listeners across all platforms. Internet Radio Hosting services broadcast audio files using the internet instead of the radio waves. It is more or less like a radio station, operated by you, but through the internet. Using IceCast technology, listeners can tune in to your station via a PC or MAC, mobile devices, tablets, or any IceCast/ Tune In compatible device including cars or home audio amplifiers.</p> <p>Users get to listen to live talk, news, sports commentary, and music through Internet Radio Hosting streaming. Just like in traditional radio, one cannot pause, replay or stop a broadcast. Unlike on-demand services and podcasts, you cannot request audios or music; and/or download them. It only involves live streaming. Through our Internet Radio Hosting services, you can deliver content to your audience fast and enjoy the availability of a global audience across all platforms.


  • Stream your music through various players and in different formats.
  • Simple control panel interface, easy to understand and navigate.
  • Statistics reports and royalty reports are available through our control panel.
  • 24/7 live support with live personnel available the moment you call. No need to submit support tickets and wait for a reply.
  • Stream live through our servers using a hardware/software encoder, or you can stream pre-recorded audio content by creating playlists on our Auto DJ interface. If you use our servers’ Auto DJ interface, you will not need an encoder.
  • Flexible plans designed to be affordable for any budget.
  • Our mobile streaming service enables yours listener to tune in through their mobile devices. We also provide free mobile apps with any streaming account.