Getting started with hosting

Getting started with your new hosting service can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, learning how everything works. To make it easier we have a set of tutorial videos to get you started.


Quickly learn how to accomplish the most common tasks with Plesk tutorial videos. These videos are conveniently included within Plesk, so users can easily get the help they need.

Changing the Login Password

Learn how to change the password that you use to log in to Plesk.

Changing Subscription Password

Learn how to change the password that you use to access your hosting subscription files via FTP or SSH.

Updating Contact Info

This tutorial explains how to change your contact e-mail, telephone, address and company details.

File Manager

Learn how to organize your website files using the built-in File Manager.

FTP Accounts

This tutorial explains how to set up FTP access to your hosting subscription: you will learn how to add, edit and remove FTP accounts.

Presence Builder

Learn how to create professionally looking sites without any knowledge of HTML markup or graphic design skills with the Parallels Presence Builder.

Adding Websites (Domains)

This tutorial explains how to add websites addressed by domain names.

Adding Websites (Subdomains)

Learn how to add more websites using the same registered domain name.

Adding Website Forwarders

Learn how to add a domain that redirects site visitors to another website.

Mail: Accounts

This video explains how to set up a mail account, change its settings and access it using an email client program or a webmail.

Mail: Forwarders

Learn how to set up on a mail account the forwarding service that will send all incoming messages or their copies to another e-mail address.

Mail: Auto-Replies

This video explains how to set up automatic responses on mail accounts, and turn them off.

Migrating Data to Plesk from Windows-based Platforms

Learn how to migrate data to Plesk from other hosting platforms: Plesk for Windows 7.5.6 and later; Windows-based Parallels Small Business Panel 10.x; Parallels Helm 3.2.

Adding Domain Aliases

Learn how to set up additional (alternative) domain names for your website.

Adding a Blog to Your Site

Learn how to add a blog based on WordPress to your site.

Mail: Aliases

Learn how to create and remove additional addresses for a mail account.

Setting Up Mailing Lists

Learn how to create a mailing list, subscribe users, and send a message to the list.

Protecting Site Content from Direct Linking (Hotlinking)

Learn how to protect your site content from direct linking.


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